A Marketer's Guide To Artificial Intelligence


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The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing is becoming more widespread, and marketers who want to stay ahead of the game need to be sure they understand how AI can improve their marketing efforts.

Despite the fact we already have huge amounts of customer data available to us, knowing what to do with it all can be extremely overwhelming and time consuming to a small team of marketers.

The growth of AI is allowing for more truly data-driven marketing campaigns. These intelligent machines have the ability to easily sift through huge amounts of data in real-time, identify patterns and provide an in-depth insight in a way that humans never could.

This guide discusses what is AI, the three different forms of AI and the difference between AI and machine learning. Inside you’ll also find examples of AI in everyday life and a brief history, from when it first came about back in 1943 to where we are today. Finally we’ll look into the importance of Artificial Intelligence to marketers, as well as discuss the current limitations.


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